The DFS line of chemical blending systems can be customized and designed to fit your specific applications allowing each production tool or series of tools the ultimate flexibility in chemical blending. The DFS line of chemical blending systems have been engineered to quickly configure and change chemical blends for an ever-changing dynamic process environment.

System Operation

Each DFS Blender consist of a blend tank for the initial chemical blending and a production day tank with pneumatic and centrifugal pumps for chemical delivery to the production areas. Raw chemical can be bulk fed or supplied by the internal carboy system to the blend tank or day tank for blends or fine adjustments when on line to the production area. The chemical mixes in each tank are verified by conductivity or refractive index to ensure the chemical blends are maintained within the desired specifications.

Features of the DFS line of Process Blending Systems

  • Designed for challenging process blends
  • Controlling process temperature from 25-80 C +/- 1 C
  • Chemical blends can be quickly configured, changed and adjusted
  • Blend accuracy and repeatability for next-generation technologies
  • High flow and pressure capabilities
  • Flow and pressure monitoring
  • Automatic flushing
  • Designed for small- to large-volume production
  • Blends up to 5 chemical constituents
  • Automated chemical spiking and adjustments
  • Semi S2, S8, S10, S13, S14 and F47 certified systems
  • All-welded, tongue-and-groove or Pillar Super 300 construction to reduce any leak potential
  • High-purity materials based on the customer's application
  • Pressure vessels for precise pressure control to chemical flow meters
  • Centrifugal and pneumatic pumps for high flow and precise pressure control
  • Ultrasonic flow meters for chemical additions from 10:1 to 3,000:1
  • Remove blend interfact can be located in production and sub-fab areas
  • PLC and touchscreen control with optional PC/Scada package
  • Ethernet communication protcol
  • Local and remote EMO configurations available
  • Multi-point cabinet leak detection
  • Door interlocks
  • In-line sampule technology
  • DFS N2 blanket technology

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