Fred Elsey
Diversified Fluid Solutions

Frederick Elsey is co-founder and CEO of Diversified Fluid Solutions. Fred brings over 35 years of experience in the semiconductor and OEM tool industries specializing in fluid delivery, automation, and electrical engineering. His leadership style encourages strong team interactions, cultivating the development of the globally recognized product solutions Diversified Fluid Solutions offers in today’s market place.

Fred’s manufacturing and service experience began in the early 1980’s with a large semiconductor OEM tool manufacturer where he participated in servicing and developing electrical and automation technology for wet process equipment globally. For 20 years prior to DFS’ establishment in 2009, Fred played a role in the expansion of a large semiconductor manufacturer, leveraging several leadership roles in the Chemical Services Department as an innovator and leader in the design, construction, automation, and coordination of chemical delivery systems in over 12 Fabs worldwide.

As a Supervisor, Manager and finally a Global Chemical Technology Leader Fred was responsible for all chemical services operations, managing over 75 Technicians, Engineers and Specialists. He provided oversight for all site operations and vendor/outsource relationships for the Chemical Services Group.

He holds a Specialty Electrical License with the State of Idaho and holds an innovative U.S. pump control patent.