A wide range of Gas management and delivery related products are offered by DFS, one of the Critical Process Systems Group's assembly of companies.The Critical Process Systems Group is a leading provider of integrated process systems, equipment, and services that streamline engineering coordination, procurement, fabrication and installation for our clients.

Being part of a group uniquely positions us to offer our customers a reliable source of high quality gas system equipment, in addition to a broad range of products & services. With the breadth of our product offerings and engineering capabilities we can provide turnkey solutions or targeted niche products depending on your industries requirements.

Companies in industries such as semiconductor, photovoltaic, HB-LED, life science, medical, chemical processing, gas systems, wastewater, and mining & power generation need efficient solutions for their individual gas system equipment needs. Our Gas System Solutions portfolio offers a diverse line of ultra-high purity gas handling equipment and support services leveraging five operating companies with manufacturing capabilities in Vermont (2), Arizona and Idaho as well as fully integrated design services and engineering support from their Massachusetts location to bring each customer maximum benefit. The right equipment from our broad selection of mass customizable Gas System Solutions is critical to your process utility needs and will maximize efficiency, increase overall lifetime, and lower life cycle cost for your high purity process utility equipment.

Our equipment can provide advantages in:
• safety
• productivity
• environmental compliance
• product quality
Deliver/control solutions for a wide variety of gas types/source configurations: 
• Gas Pipeline Controls
• Fractional distillation, onsite and ASU plants
• Bulk Liquid gas pad equipment 
• Tube trailers or ISO’s
• Dewar & micro bulk systems
• Dewar filling stations
• Bulk Specialty Gases (toxic, corrosives & low vapor pressure chemicals)
• Flammable & Reactive Gases
Flow Control Equipment we typically provide:
• High Pressure Interface & Pressure Let down Skids 
• Tank Interface Control skids
• Vaporization & Low Temp Shut Down Controls
• Pressure Control, Filtration & Purification Skids
• Flow Meter Skids
• Valve Manifold Panels (VMP) & Valve Manifold Boxes (VMB)
• Back Up System Interface Control Skids

We have the resources to evaluate and provide custom solutions specific to your individual process equipment needs.  Having the right support is crucial to the efficiency of your business and our Gas System Solutions can deliver for the entire life cycle of your process utility system. Gas Systems In Facility Example for review

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