The DFS Fusion Mobile Chemical Blending System (MCBS) is engineered to blend chemicals by weight from the on-board external pails and the house UPW. Blends are verified through the on-board metrology then transferred to the day tank maintaining constant temperature and pressure controlled supply to the production areas. The system utilizes a single centrifugal pump for the main chemical supply and pneumatic pumps for blend recirculation and transfer from the external totes.

System Benefits:

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Pressure control to +/- .3psig
  • Flexible easy to use HMI
  • System redundancy to maximize production uptime
  • Automated system and tool supply line flushing
  • Small portable unit capable of fit through a standard door
  • R & D process developmental
  • Space-efficient design

Download DFS Fusion MCBS data sheet

DFS Fusion Moble Chemical Blending System

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