Diversified Fluid Solutions offers equipment, support service and technical expertise to meet application needs in the design and manufacturing of high and low purity fluid delivery, chemical blending and state-of-the-art slurry systems for the semiconductor, solar, and Life Science industries. Our chemical blending systems improve processes, optimize floor space, minimize downtime and extend product life lowering overall cost of ownership.

Our chemical blending product solutions include:

  • Bulk Blending
  • Mobile Blending
  • Point of Use Blending
  • Slurry Blending
  • Ammonium Hydroxide Generation

Fusion Mini=Mix

DFS Fusion


DFS systems have gone through the strict SEMI Certification process by a third party reviewer and have been certified in the following:

  • S2 Environmental Health and Safety guidelines for Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • S8 Safety guidelines for ergonomics engineering of Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • S10 Safety guidelines for risk assessment & evaluation process for Semiconductor process equipment
  • S13 Safety guidelines for O & M manuals used with Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • S14 Equipment fire risk assessment for Semiconductor process equipment
  • F47 Specification for Semiconductor processing equipment voltage sag immunity

For more information: 208.489.0053 or email info@dfsolution.com

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