To serve today’s Semiconductor gas market, Diversified Fluid Solutions utilized their build capacity and programming expertise to develop a game-changing gas delivery system. The ACvFLO High Purity Gas Delivery System has advanced functionality and capabilities not seen in the Semiconductor industry to date.  These advancements include an open, fully integrated PLC and HMI panel, with connectivity and networkability, operational sequences, and automated pressure control.

The system is design to be easily retrofitted into existing, compact gas cabinets and it gives users 100 percent visibility of all operational parameters. This allows users to control, interface with and monitor all aspects of cabinet operation from a variety of third-party software platforms.

System Benefits

  • Compact I/O and processor to fit into small cabinet
  • Provides remote access to all parameters within the gas delivery control system
  • Provides continuous gas flow to tools with minimal technician intervention
  • Automatically controls supply point pressure without the use of manual regulators
  • Automated gas delivery pressure control minimizes pressure fluctuations
  • Automated pressure control technology reduces Technician interface by 30%
  • Automated pressure control eliminates need to open cabinet for manual adjustments, improving safety
  • Precise automated controls provide consistent flow, improving process control 

Download ACvFLO Gas Cabinet Data Sheet

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