The DFS Mini Mix blending system is designed to transfer from an external pail to the online 30 gallon tank and maintain a continuous supply of chemical to the production area.

The system utilizes a high purity centrifugal pump, close loop manual control with pressure, flow and conductivity monitoring. The system can also blend up to three chemicals utilizing the external pail, UPW, and an optional bulk chemical connection and also has automatic flushing and draining capabilities.

The DFS Mini Mix System consists of Teflon plumbing contained within a Polypropylene cabinet, and an isolated controls area integrated into the cabinet. The major components of this system include a PLC, 5-HMI, 30 gallon HDPE tank, one centrifugal pump, two pneumatic pumps, cabinet leak detection, sample port, flow and conductivity monitoring, and pneumatic control valves. The operator is able to access the HMI on the front of the cabinet for operation, monitoring and configuration of the system.

Features of Mini-Mix Chemical Blending System

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Precision
  • Automation
  • Inline metrology
  • SPC control
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Instrumentation
  • Field Support
  • Flawless Service

Download DFS Fusion Mini-Mix Data Sheet

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