We specialize in Ultra-Precise High-Purity Chemical, CMP Slurry and Gas Blending, Delivery and Distribution Systems


Diversified Fluid Solutions offers equipment, field support services, controls integration and technical expertise to meet highly stringent manufacturing process applications needs. We have over 500 installations of high purity fluid management systems with advanced state-of-the-art instrumentation, integration and control. We serve the semiconductor, solar, life science, advanced research laboratory and other markets. DFS fluid management systems increase process windows, improve process yields, optimize floor space, minimize downtime and generally lower overall operations costs.

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Titan Chemical Distribution UnitTitan SCDUFusion MCBSFusion Mini=MixSafety AccessProcess Racks and Skids

DFS systems have gone through the strict SEMI Certification process by a third party reviewer and have been certified in the following:

  • S2 Environmental Health and Safety guidelines for Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • S8 Safety guidelines for ergonomics engineering of Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • S10 Safety guidelines for risk assessment & evaluation process for Semiconductor process equipment
  • S13 Safety guidelines for O & M manuals used with Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • S14 Equipment fire risk assessment for Semiconductor process equipment
  • F47 Specification for Semiconductor processing equipment voltage sag immunity

We offer a broad range of product solutions including the following:


Chemical Delivery Waste Systems

• Bulk Chemical Systems (Tanker off-load)   
• Single or Multiple Drum Systems
• Tank Systems (Centrifugal and Pneumatic)    
• Pressure Vessel Systems
• Mobile Delivery Systems

• Industrial Waste Systems
• Sump Lift Stations
• Waste Treatment System
• Reclaim Systems

Blending Systems Gas Systems

• Bulk Blending
• Mobile Blending
• Point of Use Blending
• Slurry Blending
• Ammonium Hydroxide Generation

• Gas Storage and Delivery
• Gas Blending
• Gas Storage
• Gas Distribution

We Custom-Manufacture the following Products to Order:

• Custom Process Racks and Skids
• Safety Access and View Tiles
• Production Tools, Tool Hook-up Modules and Racks
• Gas System Solutions

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